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Founded in the early 2000s, Arona Asian Massage specializes in amazing relaxing full body treatments and therapeutic massage therapies at affordable prices. We are your one stop shop for all your relaxation remedies. We provide a healing place to renew who you truly are and help you achieve your long term health goals. Our commitment is to offer the best spa experience to a wide variety of clients experiencing trauma and stress in this fast paced business world. We strive hard to offer the best Asian massage in Lodi, CA.

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There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a massage delivered in a soothing atmosphere. We strive hard to let our clients enjoy the relaxing spa massage sessions to feel more recharged, fresh and revitalized. Discover a whole new level of bliss with our pampering massage sessions. We offer the ultimate solution to melt away your worries and tension. Feel comfortable in our spacious massage treatment rooms to set your mind free.

We Care For The World We Live In

Allow your worries slip away with our rejuvenating spa treatments. Dedicate your valuable time to revitalize your mind, body and soul through our result oriented spa treatments in a calm and tranquil spa environment.

Unmatchable Standards Of Excellence

We provide high quality professional massages delivered from our world class therapists. Receive a wide range of alleviating to invigorating facilities for effective results. We can offer the perfect blend of ancient and modern spa therapeutic effects to alleviate joint and muscle pressure, injuries and chronic body aches.

Affordable Pricing Options

Improve your overall well being with our signature treatments. You can customize our sessions based on unique health and mental goals. Our luxurious services are affordable with shower facilities available in each treatment rooms. Visit us to get that spa treatment you deserve!

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Surprise your family or anyone you love with a signature massage therapy for enhancing the health and fitness. Call 209-263-7883 and reserve your spa seats today!

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Do you need to become our next happy customer? Schedule an appointment with us for restoring your health and wellbeing. Become a regular customer with Arona Asian Massage thereby not letting stress and regular routine affect your health. We also have exclusive discounts that can benefit you. Make Arona Asian Massage as your life partner!